Breitling's charm lies in its ability to offer unique products in different styles replica watches

It is a fact: every time we talk about watch auctions, there is always a fake Rolex to mark some records. From the sensational result obtained by Paul Newman's Daytona (which has become the most expensive watch ever beaten, with a figure that reaches almost 18 million dollars), there are infinite testimonies of the fact that, as Abatantuono said in "Puerto Escondido", fake Rolex "is a circular check in todo el mundo". But what are the rules that a vintage buff must keep in mind before buying a fake Rolex.

The replica watch must be as faithful as possible to what it appears in the original catalog of its launch year (the images can be found on Google and on specialized forums, always online). Attention to every revision, even original Rolex: hands and dials, after 1964 have often been compulsorily replaced to adapt to the new radiation regulations.

Humidity is the biggest enemy of movements and dials. If the replica watch has come into contact with it, the indexes and hands will have lost some of their brightness, will tend to green or will not have a homogeneous color and will show signs of corrosion to a careful eye.

The most sought-after references are those that initially encountered little public success (exactly like the fake Rolex Paul Newman) and were therefore soon abandoned by the crown house: therefore beware of those who make them seem easy to find. The same also applies to the "tropical" dials, where black has turned to brown: they are a real rarity.

They make the Replica rolex watches seem new, but make it lose value: meanwhile, they are inconsistent with elements on which there is absolutely no need to intervene like dial and horns, then they tend to erase original serial numbers and engravings.

The trend is to pay more attention to the aesthetic aspects than to the calibers, often modified to offer better performance: are you sure that this trend will last? The answer is no, so better check that too: a good sign if it appears covered by the same patina as the case.